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Calls for Tenders and Bids

The awarding of contracts have had high demands put on them for good reasons:

  • Work is done in the public service domain.
  • The most efficient or best bidder should receive the contract.
  • The basic principle of equal treatment of all bidders must be met.

New requirements on the tendering procedure are diverse and demanding.  With regard to the contract award, the client as well as the bidder have to observe laws, standards and regulations, keep deadlines and meet the documentation obligations. N2S supports private clients, sector clients, public clients and also bidders in the following areas (among others): 

  • Preparation of the bidder or contract award strategy
  • Implementing the service and cost framework
  • Creating the call for tender and bidder documents
  • Compiling of the bidding, contractual and procedural conditions
  • Preparation of the specification
  • Minimization of the risk of legal challenges and definition of the award criteria