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Software and System Development

We are experts in the area of safety-critical system development. Our services in the software and system development area are available along the entire value-added chain.  As a general contractor, we can independently carry out a development project for you at a fixed price, as well as assume various roles in the development process of the customer and accelerate this with our expertise. We will assess your needs and offer you the optimal solution. Our services include the following services and technologies: 

  • Kanban and agile methods in the development of safety-critical software
  • Component-based, model-driven software development
  • Data models BIM, RailML, SysML, Rational UML, XML
  • Application development with Java and .Net
  • Use of COTS in safety-critical systems and development projects
  • Software architecture of safety-critical systems
  • Tool development for safety-critical systems
  • Validation and verification
  • Tool development in accordance with EN 50128
  • Test strategies and test management
  • License management and license audits
  • Estimation procedures in software development and development efficiency