Our Reference Projects

CSM Regulation

The objective of the CSM regulation is to ensure a common safety level within the area of application of the regulation. In this project, the entire CSM for introducing ETCS Level 1 to the railway network was performed for an infrastructure manager. Here, the system definition was created, the risk analysis carried out and the operational, technical and organizational subsystem measures tracked between the participants. Communication between the authorities and experts was also handled by N2S.

Requirements Management of Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are governed by national and European requirements for operation and construction. These requirements must be taken into consideration in different phases of the product development and system integration. To simplify all this, N2S has created a software tool, which can be used to monitor the requirements and simply take them into account and adapt them in all project phases. The requirements can be allocated to the different relevant phases in the product life cycle. With this, the regulatory compliance and the central updating of the requirements for different countries is efficiently ensured.

Firewall for Signal Boxes

Redundant transmission paths increase availability and help minimize delays. The networking of signal box systems across public networks puts special regulatory demands on the transmission. In order to satisfy these demands, N2S has developed a firewall with which signal box systems can communicate inexpensively, but also via publicly accessible networks, such as satellite routes. 

ETCS Route Atlas

A clearly structured and performant representation of the route data is helpful for the maintenance, operation, project planning and further development. The ETCS route atlas is software developed by N2S, with which exactly these requirements for ETCS are met.  Due to the support of different data formats and interfaces, the system can be simply integrated in the existing IT environment.

Operations Management

Infrastructure solutions often involve high penalty claims if the contractual service cannot be fulfilled in its full scope by the deadline. In the case of extensive IT solutions, there is the problem that these systems cannot be efficiently tested in the customer-specific configuration in advance. If the quality of the solution is not sufficient, in many new installations, there is the additional problem that errors have to be found under high pressure. N2S is specialized in rollout analysis and planning, as well as the error management of complex IT systems.

Software Architecture of Operations Management Center

In this project, an automated, networked, transregional signal box control was realized. Availability, safety, expandability and scalability, as well as the use of Java and open source components in the safety-critical application were system requirements. The contribution from N2S was the software architecture concept as a basis for the proof of safety procedure and the RAMS program.

Integration of Non-dedicated, Non-commercial Standard Products in Safety-critical Systems

One does not have to reinvent the wheel. The integration of COTS components is not regulatorily ruled out, but puts special demands on working with these components over the entire development process. N2S has created a procedure model for integrating COTS software components in safety-critical systems, which takes all aspects into account. Here, the licensing problem and update management will also be solved.

Regulatory Process Management

The mapping of regulatory requirements in process environments is mainly for minimizing the risk and development costs. In this project, N2S has carried out a divergence analysis of an existing process environment and has presented a migration plan for implementing the identified changes. The customer was then supported in the implementation of the migration plan in project management.

ETCS Telegram Generator

Changes to the project planning of ETCS routes involve a lot of effort and expense. System manufacturers occasionally invoice high prices for small changes and are not flexible in setting deadlines. N2S has developed and certified a process description and software tool for the safe programming of balises. Using the tool, balises can be projected and programmed by the infrastructure manager himself.