The reliable partner for your engineering projects

N2S Engineers are an independent consulting and engineering service company. Our focus is on excellent solutions in challenging fields of technology. The company has been founded in 2008.

We help our customers in different areas to increase their competitiveness, strengthen their market position and to maintain and increase their technology leadership. We are specialized in railways systems and software development in the field of safety critical applications. We provide our services in the interests of our clients, without prejudice to our own interests and the interests of third parties. The customer benefit and the interest of the customer is at the center of our activities. This and other important principles of the provision of services are regulated in the regulations and the civilian technician law, which we commit ourselves to. (The regulations can be downloaded at this page (only available in german.)) This obligation is linked to the position as an authority in technical matters within our competence. The name of the company Next2Solve has its provenience from a theory in software engineering which takes into account that decisions that needs to be made in the software development process can’t be fully assessed at the time the decision needs to be ruled. Thus the impact of each decision is unclear and can be assessed not sooner than at the end of the project. The software development process is a chain of decisions that need to be solved with the greatest care. This principle is part of our company name Next 2 Solve. Another anology is the theory in philosophy that every life is problem solving. A theory that you can find here if you are interested (only in german).